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Blade (Flight Rising) by TreepeltA113 Blade (Flight Rising) :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 26 0 Won't You Shake A Poor Sinner's Hand? by TreepeltA113 Won't You Shake A Poor Sinner's Hand? :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 7 1 Ninjago - Kai by TreepeltA113 Ninjago - Kai :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 19 2 Abyss Striker - Flight Rising by TreepeltA113 Abyss Striker - Flight Rising :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 19 0 Antisepticeye by TreepeltA113 Antisepticeye :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 24 3 Point of No Return by TreepeltA113 Point of No Return :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 5 0 the ghost you know by name by TreepeltA113 the ghost you know by name :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 6 1 The Frigid Floes by TreepeltA113 The Frigid Floes :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 10 0 Vordur by TreepeltA113 Vordur :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 9 3 My Jolly Sailor Bold by TreepeltA113 My Jolly Sailor Bold :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 2 0 Wrath by TreepeltA113 Wrath :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 4 0 Warden of the Dungeon by TreepeltA113 Warden of the Dungeon :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 3 0 Treepelt Halfpaw by TreepeltA113 Treepelt Halfpaw :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 2 0 Perch Hall by TreepeltA113 Perch Hall :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 6 0 Nalaagura Ep'ha by TreepeltA113 Nalaagura Ep'ha :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 5 0
The Saga Begins: Chapter 13
“So...Jack Frost, huh?”
“Weird name, right? But wait, it gets weirder.”
Side-by-side, the two traveled away from the traveling merchant’s stall that they’d encountered on the road. Rapunzel now wore a pair of worn but sturdy boots, which was a vast improvement from her bare feet, however calloused they may have been from walking across the stone floor of her tower. The outskirts of Temat were dry and full of boulders and scrub. With the tough terrain ahead, Flynn knew she’d be cut and bruised and blistered in no time. She leaned over and tapped the toes of the rather shapeless boots together before skipping forward again, catching up with Flynn. “How?” Their initial awkwardness had disappeared a while ago after it became clear that they were going to spend a while kicking up the dust together.
Flynn adjusted his pack and held out his hands in an animated, storytelling kind of way. “This kid? His hair is white--not gray, not ol
:icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 2 0


Have a Nice Day in Hell by SeaSaltShrimp Have a Nice Day in Hell :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 2,899 196 Sans vs Chara Animation by TheRogueDeity Sans vs Chara Animation :icontheroguedeity:TheRogueDeity 7,500 581 Sans Fight Rough Sketch by Richimii Sans Fight Rough Sketch :iconrichimii:Richimii 254 24 Undertale Animation SNEAK PEAK~ by Richimii Undertale Animation SNEAK PEAK~ :iconrichimii:Richimii 410 39 Undertale - Gif 2 by SafulousArt Undertale - Gif 2 :iconsafulousart:SafulousArt 304 22 Sans Anim by v0idless Sans Anim :iconv0idless:v0idless 3,609 161 Undertale-quick animation by Leda456 Undertale-quick animation :iconleda456:Leda456 1,494 194 Sans Animation No. 02 by v0idless Sans Animation No. 02 :iconv0idless:v0idless 6,504 399 Inktober Day 1: Toriel Animation by FastAndDelicious Inktober Day 1: Toriel Animation :iconfastanddelicious:FastAndDelicious 198 11 Sans (animation) by 10yrsy Sans (animation) :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 236 73 Undertale - Gif by SafulousArt Undertale - Gif :iconsafulousart:SafulousArt 364 29 Test Gif by Ella-Bella1 Test Gif :iconella-bella1:Ella-Bella1 296 9 Spooky Scary Skeleton Part 11 by GZ-studio Spooky Scary Skeleton Part 11 :icongz-studio:GZ-studio 1,241 46 Time Lapse preview by Finchwing Time Lapse preview :iconfinchwing:Finchwing 805 80 PAPYRUS SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS by naysu PAPYRUS SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS :iconnaysu:naysu 1,153 109 Pap And Sans Chilling Out by naysu Pap And Sans Chilling Out :iconnaysu:naysu 661 32



Blade (Flight Rising)
My gen1 grouchy grandpa I can't let go of because I'm too emotionally attached to my entire flight </3

Flight Rising username is TreepeltA113~
Won't You Shake A Poor Sinner's Hand?
Because I can't keep my paws off any AUs I come across, my character Nala as a demon witch doctor. Heck ye. 
Abyss Striker - Flight Rising
I'm on an impossible mission to draw as many Flight Rising familiars I can, if not all of them. Also a way to practice environments and shading. Flight Rising username is TreepeltA113, same as here, if you're interested, lol idk why you'd wanna see my lair but ey why not.
Hey all! So I've been getting a LOT better at art as the years have gone by, and I finally feel comfortable enough to do something I wish I had done as I'd drawn them--I'm gonna be posting lots of pics of a couple of my OCs from a HTTYD-based roleplay me and a big group of good friends did on Tumblr called Battle of the Grounded Dungeon. There's none of it here just because...I never go into the habit of posting it anywhere other than my RP blog and my art blog?? And I was kind of shy; my drawings weren't too good when it started. But I owe my new ability to this roleplay from drawing all the time, and I wanted to show some of my best work that's come of it. It won't attract much attention, but that doesn't matter to me. These characters are close to my heart and the reason I have so many good friends now, and I'd like to have it here and share it with people that enjoy my work. ^^

So what I'm going to do is go on an upload spree for a couple days, ideally only one or two, but we'll see. Please don't be scared away if you're watching me and get a load of notifications from me! I'd still like to have you around for future Undertale and ROTBTD content. Heart Or feel free to unwatch and then come back later!

Treepelt out!!


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
F, 18, Utah, college freshman studying animation and I am way too obsessed with dragons and comical skeletons. On an Undertale kick right now, but I draw HTTYD and ROTBTD from time to time.

I am lame and horrible at communicating so if you send me a message or smthn and you don't hear anything I probably waited too long and am too embarrassed to respond, I promise it's not cause I don't like you >.<


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Ok thanks so much! 
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omg, thank you so much for the watch! your my first watcher and i'm very grateful ^-^ 
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Oh hehe no problem! I know what it's like tryin to get your stuff out there : P you got some serious skills, I can't wait to see more :D
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Thanks for the watch~ :heart:
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I'm alright. Started drawing Undertale fan art for the first time. :) Yourself?
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